Inbound Marketing Strategy

Revworx uses a multi-faceted approach to digital marketing. The Internet isn’t a new thing, but the customer expectations have grown and are different now. That is why you should build a strong inbound marketing foundation to achieve desired long term business results.


This step kicks off with the basics: business research, market research, and competitor research. We collect information and learn everything about and around your business. Furthermore, we also determine current state of your website and marketing, identify areas that need improvement and can benefit from inbound activities.


We leverage data and integrate all your digital touch points so that you can identify which medium generates most business values, and how all channels contribute to the overall results. We build data-driven frameworks and statistical modelling, helping you define strategic objectives and develop strategies that make the most of digital assets to achieve your goals.


All the above data will be used to build your buyer personas, determine available resources, and develop a detailed roadmap to achieve your business goals.