Why Are Advertising Agencies Better at Media Buying?

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Everyone knows that ad agencies typically charge more for media buying, but there are reasons that the extra money actually pays off. Here are the top reasons you should outsource your media buying to a world-class ad agency!

The Planning Is More Thorough

Planning is crucial to the whole media buying process, and even if media buying agencies have deep knowledge of the buying process, ad agencies do it differently—even better. 

Ad agencies hire specialists dedicated to media buying and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media management, and creative services. All media purchases are grounded against a holistic business strategy. 

Specifically, ad agencies align media space against key goals and any other marketing mechanisms. These goals include brand awareness, traffic, leads, sales, and even business development. An ad agency will also plan for future media buys, optimizing the initial investment and providing strategies for ongoing campaigns that are planned and executed with rigor.

It’s a One-Stop-Shop

Like media buying firms, ad agencies always get the best rates on your ad spots because they have the luxury of buying them in bulk. In addition to that, ad agencies oversee the entire advertising lifecycle, making media purchases more accessible, and creating, publishing, and promoting more efficient.

Ad agencies combine media buying expertise with other marketing disciplines, so you don’t have to hire separate companies. The majority of ad agencies have fully integrated digital marketing units that cover a wide range of tools and services.

You get access to an army of marketing professionals who allow seamless collaboration. The streams of communication are far easier to keep track of, sharing creative assets and various campaigns across the board. A media buying firm can’t offer you this type of support because they don’t have the manpower or the outreach.

They Will Become Your Business Partner

An ad agency is a strategic partner, not just an outside vendor. An agency will look to build long-term relationships with its clients through excellent support, education, and more. They will consult on any and all media buying decisions and ensure that the message’s form, content, and frequency are the best fit for a campaign.

They will look for ways to save money, optimize the use of advertising budgets for the best results, and implement better methods for future campaigns. A media buying firm can’t offer this type of relationship, and a media buying agency lacks the resources to do so.

They will also have the tools to develop a deeper understanding of the media landscape, allowing you to make educated decisions on where and when to spend your advertising budget.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of outsourcing your media buying to an ad agency will outweigh going through a media buying agency. A world-class ad agency offers the best rates and a very strategic approach to media buying. They will become your strategic partner, taking all the guesswork from buying media and freeing up your time to focus on other business endeavors.

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