How to Craft Better Email Subject Lines (Part 1)

Writing email

The importance of the subject line is usually underestimated, but it’s the one thing that can (or won’t) pique a recipient’s attention. Getting the recipient’s attention is not enough; this stage is critical. When you don’t have a good enough email subject line, your email may go unnoticed and be deleted.

It’s true that it can be challenging to create the ideal email subject line. Trends come and go, and one must always be aware of the spam triggers, as well as client behaviors, needs, and interests.

There are many diverse perspectives on what makes for good email subject lines. As such, understand and be interested in your target audience.

Read on to discover how to craft better email subject lines today.

Get in the Habit of Personalizing

Personalization is a popular trend in email marketing. It involves adding the recipient’s name to the beginning of an email’s subject line. Marketers may be able to customize more with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. They can use a larger amount of data more dynamically.

Subject lines that mention the industry, region, purchasing history, preferences, and so on improve the likelihood that the email will be opened. Marketing automation aids in making this process easier. Making the subject line relevant and customizing it helps enhance response and open rates.

Know Your Target and Keep Them Close

Perhaps now is the time to send general group messages. If your target audience is not homogeneous and consistent, segment it and personalize your email subject lines to reach them.

Because your audience is made up of people, you should address them personally. Because of the convenience given by segmentation, email subject lines can be segmented to be more relevant when used in conjunction with customization.

Be Clear (It Saves Time)

Once you send an email, you want to say exactly what’s going on. Will you launch a brand-new product, a one-of-a-kind event, or a special bargain that will only be available for a limited time? Every email subject line should be clear and distinct. Make the meaning of the material in the email more obvious so the recipient knows what to expect.

Consider for a moment that you are involved in content marketing and are releasing an eBook about what the future holds for SaaS. This should guide the writing of your topic line. Let me get right to the point:

Skip the Dramatics

Overpromise and you will witness an increase in the number of customers canceling their memberships. Fake email subject lines can turn off a lot of people. In fact, exaggerated email subject lines keep individuals from opening your message at all.

If the subject line of your email does not match what they expected to receive, they can unsubscribe. It is possible that it will momentarily raise your open rate, but once people catch on, that rise will go. Always be honest with your audience.

Use A/B Testing

A/B testing allows for a comparison of two different email subject lines. This may help you try a variety of various tactics to see which one engages your audience the most.

The email marketing program you employ will send emails with two separate subject lines to two smaller sample groups inside the larger, more targeted send group. After that, it waits for a predetermined length of time to determine which topic line has the “opens,” and eventually shows you the best option.


Remember, you can do almost anything if you truly get to know who your audience is! Once you know your target well, you can communicate with them effectively. Simply follow these strategies to improve the quality of your marketing emails.

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