How Important is Seasonal Marketing?

Seasonal Marketing

One of the best examples of changing and upgrading marketing strategy is that when there is a change of season, one’s clothing changes accordingly. Similarly, online marketing is not a fixed strategy – it is evolving. Since market dynamics are progressing and varying over the course of time, so does the digital marketing campaigns should be evolving simultaneously. The seasonal marketing is all about executing the right strategy at the right time of the year which gives the business full benefits it.

Basics of Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal marketing is an approach where companies or brands can evolve or adjust their marketing strategy for specific products or services as per the change in season. Some of the examples are thanksgiving, holy festivals, Christmas, Halloween, New year or according to weather such as summer related or winter related campaigns. This approach keeps the customer attracted and create a cyclical relevance which make sure that the product or service is available at the right place and at the right time of the year for the customer.

How to execute seasonal marketing strategy?

In realm of digital there are many strategies and tactics available for executing seasonal marketing campaigns such as PPC, Search Engine Optimization, digital media advertising and content that goes accordingly to the product or service marketing strategy.

Social Media

This strategy is all about being relevant through out the year and utilizing the right time and festivities. With the changes in season, content, creatives and art work should be updated accordingly. For example, during the winter season creatives, taglines should portray and induce comfortable and relaxation feelings, while for summers, campaigns can represent vibrant colors, beach and freshness. If one has a product or service that is for winter season, then one should increase social ads to get more influx of customers which will assist in remarketing.


Just like creatives and content evolve over the season so as the key words. As the winter season starts it is a great time to alter the marketing strategy to attract traffic and optimize search engine queries to capitalize on seasonal change. Upgrading PPC strategy and altering the current campaign can result in positive outcome. To increase organic traffic, proactive PPC and SEO strategy before the start of any season or event will guarantee a positive result for the campaign. 


A deep-rooted strategy in the domain of digital is content marketing which needs a healthy time investment than any other strategies or tactics, however with the assistance of seasonal marketing it can become simpler. One way to execute content marketing is to make robust a cycle plan for the entire year for all the major events, seasons, festivities and holidays that relevant to your business and will strike a positive engagement with the customer at the right time of the season.

Experts instructions and opinions on Seasonal Marketing

The Early Bird

Getting out of the clutter in this era of seasonal marketing is the most important strategy which will give the full advantage of executing a right seasonal marketing strategy and having a benefit over the competition. The most imperative is planning proactively and before the start of the season, particularly SEO strategy so that one can gain the advantage of low competition promotion for upgraded campaigns. In the mid of winters few weeks before is the right time to launch a winter season marketing campaign.

Consider Promotions

One of the best ways to gain attention or engage with customer is to start promotion and discount campaign according to the season, festivals, end of fiscal year or holidays which maybe an extra inducement. It maybe that one’s services are not absolutely necessary but require for the season such as cleaning gutter or facials but putting them promotion can bring positive results and conversions.

Yearly Campaign Analysis

It is very important to have a year on year campaign analysis if one is executing campaigns over a period of time. This will assistant in developing and planning new and evolving the upcoming marketing campaigns. It is important to notice the trends of traffic and engagement at the specific time and slot of year which can be targeted to execute the best strategy.