Optimizing Your Blog for the Best Lead Generation

So you have all of your content, your visuals, copy, comments and everything fit for perfect blog posts. But, do you have a solid plan when it comes to optimizing your lead generation? With leads being a prominent part of any business, it’s important that you have a way to retain followers who are interested in everything you’ve put into your blog. Here are a few ways to optimize your blog for creative lead generation:

Plug it in – Plug it in

Lead generation is prominent in any business. These days, optimizing your blog with outside tools isn’t necessarily enough. Setting up your blog on Google Ad Words and generating SEO is only one way to gain and retain attention for your site.

Nowadays, there are several tools (especially if you’re using a WordPress blog), that will lead the way (pun intended) for your lead generation.

In an effort to grow your business, Plugins help to create an efficient way for you to manage emails and find potential new clients. Leadboxer.com is one of these helpful tools and here are their top eight plugins recommended for lead generation.

Say it with me, CTA!

Effective blogs should always align with existing campaigns, call-to-actions, or landing page offers. Focused blogs will nurture qualified prospects through your sales process, first from your contact to lead, and then from your lead to customer.

One type of CTA to consider is simple contextual offers; a contextual offer is an offer that is highly targeted and generated toward a specific pain point for your audience, aligning with a specific context on your blog.

When creating contextual offers for your blog topics, you are then able to link a relevant resource to your blog post and something valuable to add to all former and future blogs that touch on the same topic.

Unite messages and claims from other pages on your website, especially those presented as inbound links in your blog.

Last, but certainly not least, Traffic Forms

Traffic forms are very important when it comes to tracking your lead generations. Defining where your audience highest click-through rate and reactions are coming from will determine where you should be pushing for more leads. This should also determine the landing pages in which you need to show the most love.

A couple of different forms for lead traffic include Email Marketing, Social Media and Live Chats. Is your audience responding to your posts via your social media avenues or are you seeing a higher response through your email blasts? Or, are they communicating directly through the comment section of your page? Regardless, it’s important to listen and follow up on these leads in order to generate and create further reach.

Plugins, CTA’s and Traffic Forms are three essential optimizations every blog should entail. With these in place, your site and the content you’ve worked so hard on will continue to work for itself.