The Importance of SEO in 2020

It’s often said that searching for the right words can be difficult, but in the world of marketing, we let the right words come to us. In 2020, this is exactly how your Search Engine Optimization should be working for you.

It’s no surprise that SEO has become a major credential to any marketing plan, but how? And why? Some companies are starting to question if it will still hold the same level of importance in 2020 as it has previously. Especially now that it seems everyone is playing the same game. In case you’re wondering, it will indeed. Just like other algorithms, your major SEO tools will be shaking things up this year, making SEO more valuable than ever.

Below are a few reasons it will remain just as important, and a couple of major changes to look out for on the way:

Relevance is still relevant

One of the main objectives of your SEO is to assure your links and brand are staying relative within your consumer’s search. According to the online publication, Search Engine Land, Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, recently mentioned Google is using online brand mentions in its search algorithm. This means your brand’s entity, trust, advertising, etc. can be broken down as “good” or “bad” by Google Algorithm. This is why it is crucial that you utilize your keywords and stay up-to-date on all platforms representing your brand. Staying relevant doesn’t just mean being seen; it’s about being seen, heard and taken seriously by your audience.

When your brand’s SEO is on the top of the main SEO tools, your consumers are more capable of finding and using you.

It’s also about Quality, not just Quantity

There’s something to be said about having both quantity and quality. Some mistake the two as being unable to go hand-in-hand, which is just not the case. Your keywords are well, key. It’s important to make sure you’re making use of the quantity and quality of each. You can never really have too many key search words, but you can have the wrong search words. In 2019 you have to make your search terms make sense to your audience and your objectives. If you’re using words that hold a better quality search to your objectives, then it’s more likely your readers will find exactly what they were looking for in your article rather than skimming five similar articles just for one topic. The point of your SEO is to work for you and specifically target exactly what your readers need to know.

Results, Results, Results

The most significant reason for SEO is to generate results. At the end of the day, we as marketers want to see for ourselves and for our clients how our efforts have succeeded. Certain things such as checking your SEO Google ranking and correlating your website traffic to your SEO terms will help you determine which strategic words and placements are working the hardest.

But what happens once you’ve collected your data? The handoff to the people making decisions should be clear and easy to understand: fewer data points with more clarity. The information needs to be something the business can use to validate their spend and make better decisions, and your data should lead with that.

In 2020 we will continue to see several new trends for SEO, therefore, it is important to make sure we are staying relevant, focusing on quality as well as quantity and specifying our data and how it is working for us. With these three things in mind, SEO will remain a tool that is benefiting both your company and your clients.

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