Brilliant Lead Generation Strategies to Utilize in 2020

When it comes to marketing strategies, they can only be judged by one thing; results. How do we get results? First and foremost, there needs to be a system that allows high-quality leads to reach the sales team. If you’re struggling with this first step, don’t fear because we have four fantastic strategies for you in this guide!

  1. Lead Magnets

Getting people to a landing page is great work, but there needs to be lead content behind the landing page. When this is installed, your visitors are pulled beyond the landing page and further into the sales funnel. Often, people panic when they hear this because there are just so many options. For us, we believe brands should flip this panic into excitement because choice is a good thing. You can offer a free trial, a white paper, a podcast, and more.

Remember, your ad and landing page have already started the story, so your lead magnet needs to continue this story. If you have consistency, and you really understand the customer profile of your brand, every single customer touch point will work in harmony and you will have optimized your strategy.

  1. Landing Page

If your landing page isn’t optimized in 2020, you’re missing out on a huge portion of your audience. In fact, Forbes has predicted that half of all internet traffic comes from some form of mobile device. Why instantly cut off your opportunities when you can offer mobile users a positive experience too?

Once this is done, ensure your landing page is a continuation of your ads and other marketing materials. When a customer clicks on an ad, they need a reward and you need to show that you value their time. If you’re answering a question or continuing the themes laid out in the ad, they’ll be rewarded and will be more likely to continue their journey with you.

  1. Capturing Leads

At first, getting the email addresses from leads was easy (well, much easier than it is now). These days, people are protective over their emails and will only provide it if they feel as though they’re getting something of value in return. Rather than simply begging for an email address, tell a story with your marketing materials and really offer something in return for their attention. You can optimize your strategy and help the process with our last tip…

  1. Lead Scoring

Finally, we recommend lead scoring for any business hoping to optimize their strategy and see a positive return on their investment (nobody wants to waste their investment, right?). In case you didn’t know, lead scoring has a double effect;

  • It helps to choose the type of lead magnet you use.
  • It allows you to prioritize your leads so you’re always going for those most likely to take action.

In recent years, it has been considered an advanced tactic and it has been adopted more and more as time has gone on. According to HubSpot in 2015, four in every five B2B marketers didn’t have a lead scoring strategy. In a world where competition is strong and consumer attention is hard to come by, you need to be analytical and strategic at all times.

In order to optimize your customer acquisition funnel, it’s essential you compare conversion rates not only across ads but lead magnets and landing pages too. Keep people moving down the funnel smoothly and get as many customers as possible to the bottom.


If you can take advantage of these four lead generation tips, there’s no reason why your results can’t improve in 2020!