Marketing 101: Email Marketing Automation for Business Growth

email marketing

To send individualized emails, email marketing automation uses customer lifecycle triggers. Each email is customized for each touchpoint, progressing the customer through the sales funnel. This way, each email is personalized to the recipient’s behavior or interests.

Read on to discover more about email marketing for business growth.

Use an Email Marketing Automation Tool

Because your email marketing automation technology is the foundation, choose one with powerful features. The following are the primary qualities of an email marketing automation tool:

  • Pre-programmed Email Transmissions

First and foremost, email automation is based on customized triggers. Many email providers lack this capacity or just offer basic automation with no specific triggers.

  • Personalization

Personalization, according to the data, is critical for email marketing automation and corporate success. CRM-integrated personalization tools are employed. You will be able to nurture leads more efficiently after integrating your CRM, resulting in growth.

  • Real-time Data Evaluation

Whether something is (or isn’t) working, seek real-time information through your data. Remember, a process’s long-term influence is limited in the absence of KPIs.

  • Editable Email Templates

Email marketing automation frees up your staff’s time to focus on customer interactions. To save time, employ well-designed, user-friendly, yet configurable templates. It is critical to use ready-made, editable templates. This adds aesthetic appeal while also allowing for the design of use-case-specific templates.

Divide Into Segments

Email marketing necessitates a subscriber list that is segmented. Create list segments based on your customers’ geography, gender, interests, and/or devices.

Custom fields for e-commerce and CRM connections must be supported by your email automation software. You can insert data into custom fields to segment subscribers. Your subscriber list can be segmented based on your target demographic’s needs. You may send massive, personalized campaigns using dynamic segmentation and integrations.

Automate Customer Journey Workflows

Have fun once your list has been divided! You may now design email campaigns that are targeted to various client journey stages.

  • Nurture Leads

It is difficult to approach a stranger for money, regardless of the quality of your things. It is straightforward to obtain a prospect’s email address. You can establish rapport, build trust, and keep your company top-of-mind with an automated lead nurturing campaign.

Relationship development is an important aspect of lead nurturing. Personal relationships and client requests lead to the formation of these alliances. Find an ESP that has an API that allows you to send highly customized emails. Campaign Monitor works with CRM tools and software to prompt and progress customers strategically.

Automation saves your team time on lead follow-up while providing a personalized experience. Your sales team will send fewer repetitive emails and close more deals if you use automation.

  • Engage New Customers

Thank a lead who has turned into a customer. We’re not talking about a generic confirmation email here, but rather something customized. Each welcome email should be personalized using email marketing automation. A welcome series could feature a personalized product that varies depending on the customer’s browsing history or site-based feedback forms, such as a skincare quiz.

  • Produce More Items and Services

To improve product adoption, the value must be demonstrated and action must be encouraged. Email marketing automation achieves these goals by offering customers customized content.

  • Gather Source

The distillery’s email encourages value and action. This company hosted a product demonstration (i.e., happy hour). They followed up with immediate value (drink recipes and tool recommendations) via automated email marketing (i.e., buying their alcohol).

  • Ask for Feedback

Encourage customers to give you feedback to improve your product and create social proof. You are serving your customers blindly if you never inquire about their desires. Customers want to know if your brand keeps its promises.


Contrary to popular belief, many people are constantly checking their emails. After all, many users are always on their smartphones. As such, you can harness this opportunity to grow your business by employing email marketing automation. Through this, you can keep in touch with your customers, develop relationships, and advance your business.

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